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Thursday, 23 Mar 2023

Vision and Mission

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Vision and Foresight

Although ship repairing and building had started a long time back, i.e. 16th century, in Chittagong, however, the name and fame was lost due to the un-matching fast developing technology in Europe, who themselves were the major buyers at that time. The opportunity is being turned back due to the fact that the demands of small to medium vessels are ever increasing and the known shipbuilders of the world are now in the process of building bigger ships. On the other hand, the labour is much cheaper in Bangladesh and new technology can also be imported here as the shipyards are being built freshly as well. Therefore the foreign buyers have turned towards Bangladesh for quality and economic shipbuilding. Many new shipyards in Bangladesh are now drawing the attention worldwide and in production of steel-hulled ships and utility vessels of small to medium sizes.


It is one of the finest and most ambitious projects in the history of shipbuilding of Bangladesh. It offers and claims to provide its customers with quality work, timely delivery and hence guaranteed satisfaction. In order to achieve these targets, we are employing the best of professionals in the country who has that dedication and efficiency to keep up the reputation of our company. We shall also try our level best to posses the best technologies available. We expect that our work will also help promote the shipping industry in Bangladesh to a huge extent.

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